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I received an IRS letter. What is the first action I take?
Open it! It is not going away! The IRS letter you received is not a notice for a magazine renewal and is not something you want to ignore. This is serious business. Your IRS letter will have a respond-to-by date and you should take it very seriously.

Why am I unable to obtain my official IRS transcript(s) online using the IRS "Get Transcript" web page?

Due to suspicious online activity within the IRS "Get Transcript" application discovered in May, 2015, as of August 17, 2015, the IRS "Get Transcript" web application is not available until further notice from the IRS.

Click here for detailed information from the IRS (

and here

Am I a victim of recent IRS hacking incidents?

If there is a possibility you are or were a target and/or victim of recent IRS hacking activities, the IRS will notify you by mail.

For the IRS response please visit:

     * IRS Statement on E-filing PIN, Feb. 9, 2016 (


I received a call from the IRS instructing me to pay right then with a prepaid debit card or risk immediate arrest. Should I pay the caller?

NO! The IRS will not make initial contact with you with a phone call. You are likely dealing with a scammer.

For the IRS response please visit:


Where can I get official IRS tax forms?

Official IRS tax forms can be obtained here. (